11 tank - OUTLET Beteramp Surf Reverb & Tremolo11 tank 555x300 - OUTLET Beteramp Surf Reverb & Tremolo

OUTLET Beteramp Surf Reverb & Tremolo


OUTLET Beteramp Surf Reverb & Tremolo

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OUTLET Beteramp Surf Reverb & Tremolo

There is nothing like this in the world , is the 1st standalone tube reverb and Vibrato unit ever made with this quality and specs. The perfect unit for recordings, you can even plug it into your PC directly and you will get the pure tone from the 60’S straight away, EVEN WITH NO AMP !!!. Amazing tone and no FEEDBACK at all. If you don’t want to carry with heavy amps to some gigs just bring this little box , it will work incredibly direct to the mixer, this thing gives you that old vintage colour, like the old SHADOWS , DICK DALE or THE VENTURES, this unit will improve the sound of your amp A LOT. Handmade to last a lifetime and now with the best price ever, you won’t find anything better, wanna bet ? This unit has nothing to do with the standard comercial tanks that you will find in the shops, pop round and check it by yourself, cos it sound will blow you away !!! It is one of those toys that you think you never will need but when you have it, you just can’t stop playing and it really will inspire you to play different stuff, we can promise you that !

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